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Whoops! You've already paw-chased this bear.

Whoops! You've already paw-chased this membership.

The short pile black plush that we have used for our new baby
panther Chica is exquisite, thick and luxurious. She is fully
jointed and has small sculptured paw pads and a long chunky
tail. She has a small hand embroidered nose and a wide-eyed
expression with mesmerising black and yellow eyes.
Like Sheba from the 2016 collection, she has been created
with a slightly animated look so you would be forgiven if you
thought she had pounced straight out of a storybook. She
wears a pretty pink sheer ribbon as her accessory.


Recommended for age 3+ 


Panther height: 34cm / 14" / 11 Bear Paws

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